You Can Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out.

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Guerrillas approach Direct Mail in several ways. You can start with the envelope or outer-panel which is your canvas to entice your prospects to open your mailer and read the contents. Guerrillas know that people read: the addressee name, the teaser copy and who sent it. You only have, at most, a few seconds to capture their attention. But beyond that, what will really make you stand out and get noticed?

Elevate your skills and watch your business grow.

Guerrilla Marketing is intelligent marketing and this is an opportunity to grow your knowledge about impactful direct mail.

Travis Lee of 3D Mail Results knows how to help small businesses stand out in the mailbox and breakthrough the clutter in a pile of mail. From prospects to existing customers to inactive prior customers, Travis has worked with small businesses and entrepreneurs to generate real returns. He shares numerous direct mail projects and their results. If your customer and prospect research shows that your customer is a good target for direct mail, be sure to take advantage of this knowledge that will make you stand out.

What will you learn?

You don't need a big mailing list to get profitable results. The right message, delivered in a memorable way, is what you need to get results.

  • The difference between good enough and perfection

  • The importance of repetition

  • Replicating success

  • Direct mail success is not limited to bricks and mortar businesses

  • Talking your customers buying language

  • Push-Pull language

Course curriculum

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    A Guerrilla Marketing Direct Mail Conversation

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    • Guerrilla Marketing Breaking Through with Direct Mail

  • 2

    How Direct Mail Can Make You Stand Out

  • 3

    200+ Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

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Meet Travis Lee and Jason Myers

Direct Mail Expert

Travis Lee

Travis Lee is internationally known as the expert in getting direct mail delivered, opened and read. As co-founder and president of 3D Mail Results, he generates huge returns for thousands of businesses each year who use his innovative and effective marketing strategies. His unique, yet tested marketing methods have helped add millions of dollars in sales to a wide variety of businesses, from “kitchen-table-run” sole-proprietors, to National and Multi-National businesses mailing millions of pieces of mail a year. His techniques and strategies move seamlessly between the business-to-business and business-to-consumer worlds and consistently provide positive returns of 200% to over 3500% for his clients. He is the “Go-To-Guy” to many of the top marketers in the country for 3D Mail ideas and implementation, including Dan Kennedy, and his company, GKIC, Bill Glazer, Chris Cardell, and his clients include a “Who’s Who List” of top direct marketers in the world. He has spent the last 8+ years creating some of the most successful direct mail campaigns, specifically designed to give small businesses and entrepreneurs a leg-up against the competition.

Chairman, Guerrilla Marketing and Marketing Legend and Serial Entrepreneur

Jason Myers

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