Secrets of Continual Improvement with Less Effort

Secrets of Continual Improvement with Less Effort

Video Presentation - Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrillas Strive to Get More with Less Effort

How do they do it?

Separate yourself from your competitors by closing your marketing and sales loop.

Whether your business is a team of one (solopreneur) or a team of thousands, improving your sales and marketing efforts will create continuous improvement in your business. From your strategy to your tactics and dealing with customer objections, expert marketer Emerson Brantley will show you the path to make continuous improvements in your business.

Elevate your skills and watch your business grow

Emerson Brantley will walk you through the four biggest issues with your marketing and sales efforts along with:

  • Making Money with Less Effort
  • Repelling the Customers, You Don’t Want
  • Attracting the Customers, You Do Want
  • Seeing Your Customers Objections Differently

Join Emerson as he shares his years of success with Guerrilla Global Summit attendees to demonstrate how continual improvements will make your business rock.

Secrets Revealed

Secrets of Continual Improvement with Less Effort


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Emerson Brantley

Emerson Brantley

Expert Marketer

As a Master Marketing Thought Leader, Strategist & High-Conversion Copywriter, Emerson Brantley has masterminded over 8600 successful marketing campaigns, launches and tests for clients in the U.S. and 21 countries.  He is perhaps best known as creator of the longest-running lead-generating television infomercial ever aired, the "Cash Flow Generator," generating millions in sales nationwide and 1500% growth, two Inc. 500 listings and a €132,000,000 IPO.   His elegant marketing strategies and compelling copywriting has earned his reputation of creating often overwhelming results for his clients, such as 17,859 webinar registrations; 5,442 attendees for a single event; $10.52 EPC (Earnings Per Click) and $2.41 per email; 39% Squeeze Page Optins and 68.5% Converted To Offer (from cold Facebook leads) and 3000 media events in a single weekend. Direct Marketing guru Ted Nicholas called Emerson "One of the Country's Top 50 Marketing Copywriters, based on the ability to generate sales" like these.

His Whytology™ concepts have been relied on by speakers and thought leaders including John Assaraf, Dustin Mathews of Speaking Empire, real estate guru Ron LeGrand, national trust expert Edwin Kelly, Dave Seymour of Flipping Boston and many others.

"Emerson created the copy, the strategy and tweaked it to the point that our servers have been crashing on some of our campaigns!" ~John Assaraf NeuroGym.

Emerson has been called upon by hundreds of companies and organizations as diverse as Fortune 100 giant Fruehauf, global air freight leader Emery Worldwide, global corporate culture leader Partners In Leadership, Forbes School of Business, America's oldest non-profit American Forests, and national joint ventures with WalMart, Walt Disney Epcot Center, Veterans of Foreign Wars, National Baseball Hall of Fame, Wright Brothers National Memorial at Kitty Hawk, and dozens more.  Actual case histories and campaign results can be found at

Combining his extensive marketing strategy and copywriting experience, Emerson has teamed up with business systemization and sales expert Tim Johnson to create the Why-To-Wealth™ Marketing & Sales Strategy System.  Where Emerson's proprietary Whytology™ Process zeroes in and uniquely qualifies the most lucrative prospects in your market, Tim's Proven S.O.L.D.™ Business Development Process takes them by the hand, automating your entire customer acquisition and development process, increasing average and lifetime sales and allowing you to scale your business for unparalleled growth.

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