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With practical tools and resources, our video course will have you ready to take immediate action. You’ll learn step-by-step the practical tools to speed the creation (or improvement) of your Twitter advertising regardless of what you're selling. You'll learn how to quickly create ads and an advertising campaign to get your message noticed.

What will you learn?

Step by step instructions to create, with ease, a professional advertising campaign on Twitter to target your prospects and/or customers.

  • Campaign Objectives and Details

  • Ad Groups

  • Campaign Targeting

  • Types of Campaigns

  • Creating the Ads

  • Launching a Twitter Ad Campaign

  • Analysis and Measurement

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Twitter Advertising

    • Twitter Adv - Intro-Prvw

  • 2

    Twitter Advertising Video Training

    • Twitter Adv - One

    • Twitter Adv - Two

    • Twitter Adv - Three

  • 3

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