Guerrilla's Achieve Success with a Marketing Plan

The difference between marketing success and failure is a simple plan.

The Guerrilla Seven Sentence Marketing Plan is simple, easy and the very basic building block of Guerrilla Marketing. You’re completely misunderstanding Guerrilla Marketing, if you don’t know that at its core, is a simple and well executed plan. Once you've launched your Guerrilla Marketing plan, keep track of which weapons are hitting your target and which are missing. Merely knowing can double the effectiveness of your marketing budget.

To get the results you want from your marketing...

You need the benefit from the right Guerrilla Marketing tools. Guerrilla Marketing has been successfully providing profit-driven tools for millions of businesses for the last 35 years.

What will you learn?

The two most important things you should know if you're to succeed with Guerrilla Marketing:

  • Start with a simple plan

  • Commit to that simple plan

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    7 Sentence Guerrilla Marketing Plan

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    • Jay Conrad Levinson Presents the Seven Sentence Guerrilla Marketing Plan

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  • Seven Sentences to Create Your Plan

  • Mistakes To Avoid

  • The Importance of Simplicity

  • Defining Your Audience

  • Sales Allocation

  • Defining The Company Identity

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This was incredible simple and easy to execute

Jeremy Huffman

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